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Updated holiday dates for Gina and Matt! A few more have been added for Gina, but you can see her playing Glinda after October so no worries about missing her for a show, plenty more opportunities to see her! HOWEVER, these dates may be the last time you’ll get a chance to see Chloe Taylor as Glinda, so if you want to see her these are the dates to go to.
Matt Willis is leaving the show after October, and so if you want to see him before the cast change then avoid those dates in September. BUT if you are quite partial to seeing David Rudin as Fiyero be quick and book tickets for one of the dates that Matt is off because David will be leaving the company in October and so these are his last scheduled Fiyero dates.
While Nikki Davis-Jones (who is also leaving at cast change) had her last scheduled Elphaba dates last weekend, she was green this Wednesday and is potentially continuing to do the Wednesday matinees I predict until October. So, if you want to see her you’d be best trying a Wednesday matinee from now until the end of September - but that’s just a guess! 
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Regarding Wicked London cast change 2012

As you all know, cast change is getting closer and closer. Louise Dearman is replacing Rachel Tucker as Elphaba. A few more cast more members have talked about whether they’re leaving or staying. So far we know that:

Rachel Tucker- Leaving

Gina Beck- Staying

Matt Willis- Leaving

Lillie Flynn- Leaving

Nikki Davis-Jones- Leaving

By the sounds of it, Adam Pettigrew may be leaving too, but this list will be updated in time.

Thank you to the lovely Rukaya who runs this blog with me, for the update!


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Whose super excited to be seeing Charlotte Scott’s Glinda debut tomorrow?! ME! My first non-Gina show!

In tomorrow’s matinee, ensemble member Charlotte Scott will be hopping into the bubble for the very first time! She’s doing this to give Gina a rest instead of having to do two shows tomorrow, two shows on Thursday and two shows on Saturday, and Chloe Taylor is currently on holiday hence Charlotte getting the opportunity! Thrillifying news! 
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How good does @howellytweets look as the Wiz?! So exciting :) (Taken with Instagram)

Regardless of what it says on the Wicked website, Chris Howell is actually on as the Wizard until July 28th - so go see him! :)
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